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Galit Shefer


Galit Shefer, studied interior design at "Berzin-Shoham" studio and also holds a BA in science.

She has owned studio for the interior design of commercial spaces, houses and apartments since 2004.

Behind us are dozens of diverse and experiential projects including stores, restaurants, show rooms, offices, houses and apartments.


Based on the costumer's requirements and the offered space, the studio offers a design plan which includes:

Building a design concept,

A detailed equipment set plan,

Producing photorealistic visualizations and perspectives to visualize the space,

Producing work plans, technical specifications, and bills of quantities,

Planning and designing artistic elements,

Choosing finishing materials and furniture,

And supervising the prosecution of the different jobs in the project.


In planning a commercial space, we believe in a whole and complete design, while having a productive dialogue with the costumer in order to achieve the shared purpose - the success of the business.

The planning is functional and professional  while incorporating a unique and impressive design. 


When designing a house or an apartment we believe in an experiential and shared process with the costumer that results a spacious and inviting living space, designed down to the smallest of details.

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