The source of inspiration for the design was antic European spaces.

We used warm materials such as red bricks, massive wood beams, dismantled wood floor, metal shelves for storing hundreds of wine bottles, and gentle colourfulness of greys and greens.

A deli chain of imported cheeses from  intimate and provincial dairies in classic Europe, and this is the base of inspiration for the rich, warm and inviting design of all the branches of the chain.

The use of rustic wood in dark shades, terracotta floor inlaid with white marble and an old fashioned brass ceiling, all empower the concept and provide a background to the display of hundreds of different cheeses and wines.

The Arcnet company imports and sells peripheral equipment. The space is divided into a modern storage room in the front and offices in the back. The offices were designed while using industrial materials such as iron, cement and glass, all while using touches of natural materials such as oak.

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